ALBERTA PADDLERS SHINE - Canadian Championships & International Teams

Congrats to Alberta paddlers who achieved podium results at the 2021 Canadian Championships and who represented Canada at the Olympic Hopes and Junior World Championships.

Canadian Championships (Ottawa)

  • Julia Demchuck - U18 K1 1000m (Bronze)
  • Kristiane Fee - U18 K1 200m (Silver) & 500m (Bronze)
  • Nikita Ciudin - U16 C1 1000m (Gold), 500m (Gold) & 200m (Silver)

 Junior World Championships

Olympic Hopes Regatta

Kristian Free
K2 200 SF: 2nd
K2 200 FA: 5th
K2 500 SF: 4th
K2 500 FB: 4th
K4 SF: 3rd
K4 F: 9th
Nikita Ciudin
U16 C1 1000 Final A: 7th
U16 C2 1000 Final A: 8th
U16 C1 500 SF-1: 4th
U17 C4 200 FA: 7th