Mental Skills Workshops: Starting June 1, 2020

ASRCA is proud to provide the first in a series of Mental Skills training workshops on June 1,2020 (12-1:00PM).

Eligible paddlers will receive invitation with link to log into on-line session.

Participation is limited to paddlers and coaches who are registered members with ASRCA clubs and who are in the U16 and older age categories.

Workshops will be lead by Kara Stelfox, former Calgary Canoe Club racing team member.


Kara Stelfox, MA
Mental Performance Consultant
Professional Affiliations: Associate Trainer, Third Factor Inc.

Biography: Kara is a mental performance consultant and also a certified exercise physiologist with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). A former competitive athlete in wrestling, kayaking, and several other sports, Kara now offers mental skills and biofeedback training for performance enhancement in sport, business, and the performing arts. 

Sports in which Kara has worked include hockey, Olympic freestyle wrestling, sprint kayaking, ringette, squash, soccer, equestrian, synchronized swimming, and Olympic lifting, and her clients have ranged from the youth provincial to the World Cup and Olympic levels.

Overall, Kara’s aim is to help her clients gain an edge by improving their self-awareness and facilitating the improvement of skills such as focus, emotion management (e.g., performance anxiety), effective debriefing, motivation, and dealing with setbacks. Kara believes that the best performances are achieved by consciously connecting with each step of the performance process, and her primary objective is to help her clients live closer to their potential every day!

Additional training/certifications/workshops: Biofeedback practitioner (trained through Biofeedback Foundation of Europe-BFE during Master's degree), completed teacher-training at Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic during the "Foundations of Mindfulness Interventions & the M4 Program" course, CSEP-CEP (Certified Exercise Physiologist)