Florida Camp 2022 - Payment

Florida Camp 2022 - Payment

Alberta Sprint Racing Canoe Association
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lPayment & Due Dates:

->January 3rd: 1st payment ($700)
->January 24th: 2nd payment ($700)
->February 11th: 3rd payment ($700+)

->Seniors may select days before March 5th and after April 16th. Additional days are $180 shared among the number of Senior athletes. If you select to do this, we will contact you with details and final fee to be included in final payment.

Covid-19 Cancelation Policy:

CAMP Cancellations
Uncertainty and evolving risks related to Covid-19 may result in the camp cancelation. If the Camp is canceled prior to January 20th will result in a full refund of camp fees. If canceled after January 20th and if some of the resort deposits can not be retrieved, full refunds may not be possible.

INDIVIDUAL Cancellations - Refund of camp fees ‘may’ not be possible if doing do so impacts the ability to cover overall camp costs. After completion of the camp, if funds remain, it may be possible to return full or partial fees to individuals who did not attend the camp.