The Alberta Sprint Racing Canoe Association is a Board of Directors which evaluates, debates, and decides upon issues related to the development of canoe and kayak sprint racing in Alberta. The Association oversees funding, regattas, athlete development, and ensures the rules and regulations of the Canadian Canoe Kayak (CKC) are adhered to.

Our Focus Alberta athletes in the sport of Canoeing and Kayaking have been successful both Nationally and Internationally. It is the commitment of the Alberta Sprint Racing Canoe Association (ASRCA) to continue to support the development of the sport and its athletes.

The focus of the ASRCA this year and in years to come will be on attracting new athletes, skill development and producing a Team to best represent Alberta at National and regional events.

Mission Statement Alberta Sprint Racing Canoe serves as the provincial governing body to promote and develop the sport of Sprint Canoe/Kayak in Alberta. 

Guiding Documents:

2021 ASRCA Board members:


  • President: Julie Beaulieu, president@asrca.com
  • Vice President: Connie Fardella, vicepresident@asrca.com
  • Treasurer: Laura Baker, treasurer@asrca.com
  • Secretary: Diane Holmen, secretary@asrca.com


  • Officials: Sandra Kane, officials@asrca.com
  • Club Development North: Vacant
  • Club Development South: Caroline Sangret, clubdevsouth@asrca.com
  • Technical Matters: Kristen Hui, technicaldirector@asrca.com
  • Coaching: Vacant
  • Publicity: Greg Poulin, publicitydirector@asrca.com
  • Member at Large: Vacant

Athlete Representatives:

  • South: Kristiane Free,¬†athleterepsouth@asrca.com
  • North: Mallory Brown, athleterepnorth@asrca.com


  • Admin: Kirsten Klotz, admin@asrca.com
  • Excellence Lead: Mike Robinson, el@asrca.com
  • Northern Coach: Zak Mahmoudi, provincialcoachnorth@asrca.com