JObs for 2019


Western Canada Summer Games Job Posting:

Positions Available: Coach (x2), Team Manager, Boat Person and Boat Driver 

WCSG: Swift Current, Sask. Aug 8-13, 2019

Job Description:Coach (2 positions)

Competition Development Certified or NCCP Level 3 or equivalent required 


• Assist in selection of WCSG games team, including the June 15th Trials 

• Plan and run a pre-games training camp for selected athletes, date TBC 

• Select athletes for each WCSG race 

• Supervise athletes during Games 

• Do a recap for ASRCA and Mission staff after games 

• Work with Manager/Boat person on equipment selection and transportation

Job Description: Team Manager

Team Alberta staff needs a manager/coach of each gender, therefore the manager will have to be the 

opposite gender as the coach 


• Work with coach on planning pre-games camp 

• Get bios from each athlete for Games media booklet 

• Organize athletes for accreditation staging event 

• Work with athletes and ASPRWF to select uniforms and sizes 

• Work with coach and ASRCA on race jerseys design and ordering 

• Supervise athletes during games 

• Do a recap for ASRCA and Mission staff after games 

• Collect and give information to Games Mission staff as requested

Job Description: Boat Driver

Boat driver candidate must have a valid driver’s license and be experienced to drive the selected 

vehicle for the transport of the team van and boat trailer, (with the appropriate driver’s license) 


• Drive boat trailer to Games site 

• Drive boats trailer back to Alberta following Games 

• With coach, develop list of equipment needed for team and ensure all is loaded 

• Stay outside the athlete’s village. Accommodational and meals are provided.

Job Description: Boat Person

A Boat person is to be part of the Games team. It is expected that this person can repair 

boats as needed throughout games. It is possible for ASRCA to combine the boatperson 

with the boat driver if a suitable candidate is available for both positions. 


• Repair boats and equipment as needed 

• Organize spare parts and tools to be brought before the Games 

• Help coaches and manager as needed 

• Possibly stay with and assist with supervision of athletes at athlete’s village, otherwise accommodation and meals are provided by the host outside of the village.

How to Apply!

Interested persons may submit a cover letter and resume for the position they are applying for to: 

Eric Toffin, email: 

Deadline to submit application is April 7th, 2019 

Successful candidates will be notified by April 10th. 

Please include the following information in your cover letter; 

  1. Why do you feel you are a suitable candidate for this position, list experience related to the position you are applying for. 
  2. Will you be available for any required pre Games events as listed in the above descriptions as well as the full time of the event in Swift Current?