Elite Athlete Assistance (EAA)

The Alberta Sprint Racing Canoe Association (ASRCA) Provincial Elite Athlete Assistance (EAA) structure has been established to promote high performance athletic development.

The funding criteria are intended to aid Alberta athletes dedicated to competition at the highest level. Individual athletes must show they are dedicated to the training process and on track for:

  • Canada Summer Games
  • Canadian Championships
  • Team Canada international competition.

EEA funding is not a gift to the athlete but is intended as support leading to the enhancement of future competitive performance. Funding is meant to offset costs associated with being a high performance athlete (i.e. what expenses would you as a high performance athlete incur versus a developing club athlete?).

Applications are due the 1st of October and must detail the project or sport specific expenses for which they intend to use the funds and justify how this will contribute to their performance. The applicants Club Head Coach or NCCP Competition-Development certified must endorse the application.


The athlete demonstrated performance level within the Canoe/Kayak Canada milieu will determine funding. The criteria used to select the performance level are presented in Table 1. In addition to the performance level, the athlete will be required to meet all Alberta Team Member expectations (see next section) to be eligible. Funding is subject to availability of funds.

Table 1: Performance Criteria for All Age Divisions

Level Criteria* Funding Limits
Gold 98% of Winners Time in Final UP TO $1000
Silver 97% of Winners Time in Final UP TO $500
Bronze 95% of Winners Time in Final UP TO $250


*Performance standards must be achieved in singles in any distance at the most recent Sprint National Championships, National Team Trials or other international competitions as designated by the ASRCA Technical Committee.


1. Meet the criteria required for selection to Alberta Provincial Team, including: 

1.1. Participation in relevant provincially sanctioned training camps and all other organized provincial team activities as determined by the ASRCA Technical Committee are mandatory except for circumstances described in section 1.2 below.

1.2. If an athlete has been instructed to participate in a provincial team activity but is unable to attend due to school, illness, injury or other extenuating circumstances, they may make request for exemption to this obligation in writing to the ASRCA Technical Committee. The Technical Committee will consider the merit requests on a case-by-case basis.

1.3. Athletes must compete for an ASRCA member club throughout the upcoming competitive racing season.

1.4. Participation at provincial fund raising activities including casinos is mandatory. If an athlete is under the age of 18, they must have a family member or friend work in their position.

1.5. Athletes must abide by the Canadian Canoe Association Standard of Conduct Policy.

2. Nationally Carded athletes receiving Sport Canada funding are not eligible for ASRCA EAA.

If athlete(s) cease to meet all criteria requirements, their EAA eligibility will be forfeited.



  • Athletes must list their results that demonstrate they have met the performance standard.
  • Athletes shall clearly outline their training and competition goals.
  • Athletes shall clearly outline how the desired funds will assist them in reaching their training and competition goals.
  • Funding is meant to offset costs associated with being a high performance athlete (i.e. what expenses would you as a high performance athlete incur versus a developing club athlete?).
  • Priority for funding will go to those projects or needs that are not already funded by Alberta Sprint Racing Canoe Association. Projects and camps already funded by Alberta Sprint will not necessarily be eligible for EAA money. Additional training opportunities, sport science testing/evaluation, etc. that are not funded by ASCRA will be favourably considered for EAA funds. Should you have any questions as to what projects are already funded please feel free to contact the Technical Director.
  • Athletes may only request funding for those expenses incurred after they have satisfied the criteria and before the next opportunity to meet EAA criteria in the following year.