Elite Athlete Assistance - International (IEAA)


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The Alberta Sprint Racing Canoe Association (ASRCA) recognizes Alberta paddlers' dedication, commitment, and the financial requirements to reach international-level competition. The International Elite Athlete Assistance (IEAA) grant supports Alberta sprint paddlers representing Canada at International Sprint Competitions. 

Application Due Date:

  • Applications are accepted until December 1 of the given competition season.
  • Applications are accepted at any time upon the official naming to an eligible CanoeKayak Canada (CKC) Team.

To be Eligible the athlete must:

  • Be a member of a CanoeKayak Canada international sprint competition team in the given competition season.
  • Be a resident of Alberta and registered as a competitive member of an ASRCA member club in the given competition season and throughout the upcoming competition year.
  • Be in good standing with ASRCA and its member clubs.
  • Athletes must abide by the ASRCA and CKC Code of Conduct Policies.
  • Be committed to participating in relevant provincially sanctioned training camps and other organized ASRCA team activities (including ASRCA fundraising) as determined by the ASRCA Technical Committee. The ASRCA Technical Committee must approve exceptions due to school, illness, injury or other extenuating circumstances.
  • Not be receiving Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Funding (AAP Carded Athletes).
  • Have the endorsement of the applicants Club Head Coach, an NCCP Competition-Development certified coach or the ASRCA Technical Director.

Discontinuation of Funding:

  • If athlete(s) cease to meet all criteria requirements, EAA eligibility is forfeited.

Funding Eligibility:

  • The ASRCA IEAA funding is subject to the availability of funds in a given year.
  • The IEAA maximum award is 1/3 of the eligible expenses described in the application.  
  • The IEAA maximum award is $1000.
  • ASRCA can request proof of expenses after the conclusion of the event.

Application details:

  • The applicant must show they are on an eligible CKC Team.
  • The applicant must provide seasonal and long-term goal statements.
  • To the best of their ability, the applicant must describe the total expenses of preparing for and participating as part of the specified CanoeKayak Canada Team. 
  • Funding is meant to offset costs associated with being a high performance athlete (i.e. what expenses would you, as a high-performance athlete, incur versus a developing club athlete?).
  • Specifically, the applicant must explain how the IEAA grant will support the applicants' performance on the international stage.

Filling out your IEAA application:

  • Priority for funding may go to those projects or needs that are not already funded by Alberta Sprint Racing Canoe Association. Projects and camps already funded by Alberta Sprint will not necessarily be eligible for IEAA money. Additional training opportunities, sport science support, etc. that are not funded by ASRCA may be favourably considered for IEAA funds. Should you have any questions of what projects are already funded please feel free to contact the ASRCA Excellence Lead at el@asrca.com.